A Traitor Within

Let us suppose that the government forced you to live with a known traitor. Not just any villain, but someone who sought your ill. A person so consumed with self gratification that he would not only have you condemned to death if only he could fill his hearts lust, but would not give a second […]

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He Spake As A Dragon

Great Iron teeth which rip and devour. A fearsome beast which knows no mercy. Who can stand before this creature. The dead lay strewn in the wake of him. What makes the creature so frightening is that it looks like a lamb. Its deceptive nature is most fearful, for who would be afraid of a […]

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Concerned with Evangelism Methods

Dear Brothers in Christ, I am writing in response to the article titled “What the Georgetown Young People Learned in Houston,” in the July 1996 issue of the Beacon Lights. I must say I was surprised by what I found in the article. With all due respect to the elder who wrote this article and […]

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