Adam and Eve

Exactly what was the nature of the sin of our first parents?  Eve first sinned when she disobeyed God’s unspoken command that she love God and Adam.  She disobeyed God when she refused to call Adam to rebuke the tempter.  By refusing to call was that she became immediately a creature of darkness, totally depraved, […]

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So much is written now days about children. Questions are asked such as: is the child emotionally happy? Is he secure? Does he feel wanted? Do his parents accept him? These questions are asked by those who have made a study of children’s behavior. These people write much on child psychology. We do not need […]

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Individual Differences

Human beings differ in physique, mental ability, personality, educational achievements, and in all other characteristics. Not only is one man unlike another, but every man is essentially different from every other, so that no training, no forming, nor informing, will ever make two persons alike in thought or in power. In the field of education […]

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