Financial Partnership in Marriage

A Christian young man and woman, several years out of high school, became engaged to get married. The soon-to-be husband was quieter and unassertive. As a college student, he was busy focusing on his degree, studying and working part-time when able. The soon-to-be wife was more assertive and worked full-time. They would begin their marriage […]

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Church Unity and Friends

Most of us have friends. Many of us have close friends. Some of these friends are true and sincere friends. Most likely, however, many of those whom we consider to be “friends” are actually just loose connections from Snapchat or Instagram, rather than someone we would consider to be a close friend.  So, what do […]

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Explanation for a Change

395 and $140,000. What do these numbers represent and why are they important? They are the number of young people that registered for the 2008 convention hosted by Byron Center PRC and the approximate total cost of this past year’s convention. This is important because while the attendance has almost doubled the past 15 years, […]

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