Jan Hus—Today You Cook a Goose!

The most dangerous man to the Roman Catholic Church stood alone. It was the morning of July 6, 1415. Everyone who was anyone—the highest ranking Catholic clergy and even Emperor Sigismund himself—gathered in the towering German cathedral, the site of the Council of Constance. Their goal was finally to rid the Catholic church of the […]

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Christ the Same!

Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”   Everything had changed! For the early Jewish New Testament Christians who had embraced Jesus Christ by faith, everything in life had changed. Young and old alike, Jewish Christians were shamed by their synagogues, were cast away from their communities, and were […]

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A Savior In the Time of Need

There in the darkness did I lay, In the pit of mire and clay. The darkness was so cold and deep, And to my soul then did it creep. The presence of one else was near, It chilled my bones with sick’ning fear. It’s cruel voice did drown my soul. He came to me, I […]

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