The Needful Closet (3)

As we wrap up our discussion on personal devotions, let’s look at the second part of them: prayer.    If we were to ask ourselves how we truly felt about prayer, I fear many of us would answer that we merely feel an obligation to pray. We are afraid to neglect it because, as the Heidelberg […]

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The Needful Closet (2)

In the last issue, we talked about the need for personal devotions. Let’s examine now the first part of those personal devotions—reading the scriptures. Our personal devotions should include a focus and meditation on God’s Word. Devotional books can be good but let us never forget the importance of reading the Bible itself. Only God’s […]

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The Needful Closet

Are personal devotions really necessary? The Bible is full of passages that call us to seek God regularly (1 Chron. 16:11), to meditate on him continually (Ps. 119:97), and to pray often (1 Thess. 5:17). The regular practice of personal devotions is one of the best ways to do these things. Jesus teaches the importance […]

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