Value of Friendship 

“We should hang out sometime. We really should keep in touch.”    Conversations like these are often when we realize that a once-vibrant friendship is faltering. Circumstances have changed, and as much as we speak of the desire, neither of us is willing to go out of our way to maintain the relationship. But while it […]

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God’s Church in Egypt

If we were to choose a country to be instrumental in the history of God’s church, Egypt probably would not make our list. This country, whose famed monuments to her idolatry endure to this day, had a long and bitter history with the Old Testament church. It was in Egypt that the children of Israel […]

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The Heidelberg Catechism – Necessary for Instruction

Four hundred fifty years ago, God’s church desperately needed to be taught the doctrines of scripture.  Today the church has the same urgent need.  The Heidelberg Catechism was written as a tool to instruct the people in the teachings of the Bible.  It has beautifully accomplished its aim with clear and logical questions and answers […]

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