Guidelines to Contemporary Christian Music

The Church Order of the Protestant Reformed denomination requires use of the Psalter and a few other special numbers for worship. This position may warrant the following questions: “Is there a use for contemporary Christian music?” and “Should we dial the radio to those hit Christian singles?” I think there is certainly room for such […]

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Mormonism: The Book of Moses

From whence did all things arise? How can one know that? What is the purpose of all things? For thousands of years many men have sought to answer these questions to define the origin, existence, and purpose of all things. On the pages of holy Scripture, God gives unto man the answer to all these […]

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Preparing for Dating

Have you prepared yourself for dating? Are you prepared to date? How exactly should you prepare for dating? There are many ways you can prepare yourself for dating, in the way that you live, what you consume, and your view toward others and dating itself. The devil would have you consume the entertainment and media […]

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