Federation Board Update

Another Federation Board year is nearing its close, which means that it is time to introduce our new nominees. This is also the time publically to thank those members who will soon be retiring from their 2 year terms on the Fed Board. Thank you to Brian Feenstra, Joe Holstege, Erika Schipper, Dan VanUffelen, and […]

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God’s People in Singapore

In November of 2012, when we traveled to the Philippines, my brother Peter and I also had a wonderful opportunity to travel to Singapore for a few days. As mentioned in my previous article on the Philippines, there are many differences in culture between these two countries, and that struck both of us when we […]

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The Church in the Philippines

My brother Peter and I were privileged to take two weeks to travel around the Philippines and Singapore. All of it was an experience that we will never be able to forget, and I would love to share some of what we did and learned with you. I hope that as you read this, you […]

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