The Christian and Gambling

A very beautiful motto is inscribed on all the pennies circulated in the U.S., “In God we trust.” But nowadays very few people believe those words. The events in today’s world show the very opposite of trust in God. One example of this is the increase of gambling and the legalization of it in many […]

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What My Society Means To Me – December 1970

Another young people’s society season has begun. In fact, most of our societies have been meeting for several months by this time. What is your reason for attending society meetings? How important is young people’s society to you? Are you an active, participating member? Do you hope to benefit in any way? I hope to […]

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Changes in the Church

The traditional Sunday worship services as we have always known them are becoming the object of much criticism. The church is accused of being irrelevant and outdated. Demands are made for more involvement in the worship service – more congregational participation. These accusations are not only made by critics of the church, such as atheists […]

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