The Federation Board

If someone asked you what the Federation of Protestant Reformed Young People’s Societies is, would you know how to answer? You might never have guessed that its purpose is built specifically around your lives within the church. The Executive Board of the Federation consists of ten people who work for the benefit of the Protestant […]

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Christian Education Beyond Devotions and Bible Class

Michael graduated from Covenant Christian and is pursuing teacher certification at Calvin College. He wrote this paper for the Protestant Reformed Scholarship Essay.  The topic I have chosen to discuss is “Christian Education Beyond Devotions and Bible Class.” I found this topic relevant to what I believe is my calling as a teacher in the […]

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Confronting a Sinning Friend

Confronting a sinning friend can be very tough in some cases. If it is not dealt with properly, you risk losing that friend. If you are a true friend, there are biblical ways in which you can solve the problem and save the friendship. There are two things which should be pointed out. First, if […]

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