Word Attack Methods

Teachers of pupils in the primary grades have a tremendous responsibility. On them is placed the difficult task of giving a proper fundamental foundation of READING. A child without such a foundation is a pathetic figure. A person needs only a little understanding of words and he will discover the English language presents many problems. […]

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Individual Differences

This topic has been treated before, but since it was the one I had selected and worked on, will you bear with me, please? We need but mention that a person is an individual and we know he or she is different from anyone else. An individual is one who exists as an entity. Is […]

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This Side of the Border

Dear Young People: A pertinent article appeared in the Beacon Lights of December, written by Mr. A. Heemstra, This editorial gave me the desire to write a few words from “this side of the border”. We have gone through a year of varied experiences and reactions. I am of the opinion that you are interested […]

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