Jacques LeFèvre

Many scholars consider Jacques LeFèvre (Jacob Faber) a pre-reformer. In fact, he was not, as will become plain.   Who was he? LeFèvre was a Frenchman, born in Etaples, in the province of Picardy, about 1455. So he was in fact born before the Reformation began. Significant is that he was a humanist. Humanists were […]

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Attaining the Resurrection of the Dead

Christ’s resurrection was a momentous event. It means that Christians have a savior who is alive today. Islam follows the teachings of a dead prophet, Judaism speaks of the future coming of a Messiah, but Christians worship a living, ever-present savior, who continues his work of salvation for us and in us. Christ’s resurrection also […]

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As Christianity decreases in influence in America, other pagan religions are becoming more influential. One such is Buddhism. Two web sources, The Christian Science Monitor and Wikipedia, agree that Buddhism is America’s fourth largest “belief-set” (after Christianity, Judaism, and those professing no religion), with over 1.5 million adherents.[1] Whether Buddhism can properly be called a […]

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