Rev. Steven Houck

Rev. Steven Houck, the son of Merton Hilmer Houck and Jessie Elizabeth Houck, was born on January 31, 1948. His mother’s maiden name was Line. He was born in Cloquet, Minnesota, and grew up in Cromwell, Minnesota, which is a country town about 40 miles west of Duluth, Minnesota. As he was growing up, Rev. […]

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Hannah’s Prayer for Motherhood

Hannah was very upset. Elkanah, Peninnah, and the children, however, were all enjoying the sacrificial meal. They had all gone to Shiloh “to worship and to sacrifice unto the Lord.” (I Sam. 1:1-18). It was a time of rejoicing and festivity. But Hannah was not happy. Elkanah had always been a very loving husband to […]

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