…And Let Us Give Thanks

Presented as a speech on November 15, 1964 at the First Protestant Reformed Church “Praised be the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation!” The heart and soul of thanksgiving lies in these words, for when we give thanks, we are rendering homage to the true King of Creation. This is thanksgiving. This is also […]

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The Christian World of C. S. Lewis

A “Christian” Author’s “Christian” World—Wm. B. Eerdmans, publ. Book Review by Rosalyn Tryon Today, our world is filled with the half-reformed. Professing to be of reformed persuasion, men take the truth of God and twist it into an evil abstraction. To truly reformed, Christian young people, this is often very confusing; for in all but […]

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Equality in Prayer? No

In these modern times, placing women on an equal plane with men is the growing trend. This trend toward “equality” is also reaching into the churches in America. Many of the Christian Reformed Churches now allow women an equal voice and vote in matters of the individual church’s government and doctrine. As a natural result […]

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