Federation Board Report

It is time once again for your Federation Board to give its annual report concerning its activities. Among our early activities was the composing of a visitation schedule, which purposed to bring together more often in Christian fellowship the young people of our various churches. We were happy to be able to add the Holland […]

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Redlands Young People’s News

Our Young People’s Society has enjoyed two major events in this past half year. They were the Christmas singspiration and an outing. We sponsored a Christmas singspiration on the evening of Dec. 22, following the church service. The group sang several carols and psalters. As a special number, lona Mantel sang a solo, “The New-born […]

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My Opinion on Television

A television set in itself is not wrong, but the trash which we see on it, in fact, half of the programs we see on television, are the same films you would see in a theater. We don’t go to theaters, so we shouldn’t watch films on television either. When children watch western movies, they […]

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