The Strengthening of the Militant Church

Many scientific theories and discoveries have come into existence in the past century. Incredibly advanced technologies such as cloning and the further advancement of evolutionary theory have recently become significantly entangled in the Christian life. Today’s church world has readily embraced these new ideas in an attempt to remain influential and popular with the new-agers […]

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A Beautiful Writer

The morning dawned bright and cheerful, and later, as we sat on her porch swing amid the  gay hues of various flowers, sipping our raspberry-chocolate coffee, and relishing the taste of dainty waffles smothered in a rich strawberry glaze, I could not help but wonder at the amazing woman who sat beside me. With every […]

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Convention Memories

Not only were a lot of friends made, but a lot of good memories were made at the 1996 Young People’s Convention! This year’s convention, as you may well know, was geared toward the making of godly friendships—an incredibly important activity of the Church. This year’s convention not only allowed us to make friendships within […]

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