Study Guide on the Book of Judges (3)

Week 10 Judges 9:1-57: Abimelech’s Sinful Kingship By defending Israel and governing her, the judges were like kings. But whereas the office of king in Israel/Judah would later be perpetual, passed from father to son, the position of judge was not perpetual. While God accomplished great deliverances though Israel’s judges, it was more and more […]

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Genesis 17-21

III. The gift of a son a demonstration of God’s mercy Soon after this, Abraham journeyed to the country of the Philistines near Gerar after having spent some time in the land between Kadesh and Shur. Gerar was in the land of Canaan to the south and west and was ruled by a man whose […]

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OUTLINE XIV (Judges 8:22-27) “Gideon Refuses the Crown” Introduction: Gideon had shown himself a powerful man: you may read about that also in Judges 8:1-22.  He not only pursued the Midianites, tracking them down into their very dens, until the last one was subdued, but he slew also princes and kings.  He spoke wise words […]

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