The Church in Tasmania

The Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia is a small denomination consisting of six congregations in three of the eastern states of our country. Three are in Tasmania where the denomination originated from and three are on mainland Australia. One of these is in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales, and two in Queensland, the […]

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Down Under Presbyterianism

Maybe you are wondering what this is?  Yes, you knew there were a lot of different Presbyterian churches, but you have never heard of this one!  Well, in the light of this issue containing an article on the history of the Presbyterian/Scottish Reformation, I have been asked to write about the history of Presbyterianism in […]

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Natures Zoo

Thousands of miles away on the island continent of Australia, there is an unusual collection of unique animals belonging to the class mammals (animals whose bodies are covered with fur and who nourish their young).  Mammals may be classified into three groups: egg-layers, pouched and placenta. (The latter type is the kind of animal with […]

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