Behind the Wall

ROBERT E. A. LEE, published by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, $3.50 (169 pages). Reviewed by Mrs. Robert Decker The author, drawing upon his personal observations and experiences in Berlin, has created a novel depicting the life and problems of two young Germans. Werner Hirn, a publicist for a film company in Hamburg, […]

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Turkey is no longer neutral.  Ever since the beginning of this conflict, Turkey has maintained a so-called neutrality.  During this time, however, she has sold her minerals to the Germans and at the same time manifested certain leanings toward the Allies.  Had she joined with the Axis she would have aided Germany greatly in invading […]

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Berlin and the Day of Christ

The German Capitol now is entitled to the unenviable title, “The most heavily bombed city in the world.” In the year 1943 alone, 14,000 tons of bombs have been dropped upon it. The devastation is described by eyewitnesses to be terrible and wide spread. Flames swept rows of buildings for half-mile stretches. The tar pavements […]

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