A Thankful Meal

Matt’s mouth watered as he stared at all the food laid out on the dining room table. A plate filled with slices of ham and turkey sat near one end of the table where his grandparents sat. Steam rose from bowls of mashed potatoes, corn, and beans set in the center of the long table […]

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The Holey Bucket

In your mind’s eye picture a pail of the type in which paint might be purchased. No, not just the typical one gallon paint can, but rather one that would hold five gallons. Sometimes this size pail is even called a 5-gallon pail or bucket. Next, picture a group of young men setting this pail […]

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The Blessing of Jehovah God

“. . . and I will bless them.” Numbers 6:27b Did you ever stop to ponder, young people, that the Name of Jehovah God has been put upon your forehead because you belonged to the Israel of God? Have you pondered the magnitude of the great words which are spoken before each service in your […]

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