What Am I?

The color of a sunset Or dawning of a day, I flow, but not in rivers, I run, but not away— Although once down the Nile I held the current’s course, And in the moon’s last hour I’ll be its shining source. I have no mouth for speaking And so make not one sound— Except […]

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The Heart

The word “heart” has many shades of meaning that have one thing in common: they all refer to something central or innermost. The heart of a city is in the center of the city. The heart of a plant is the material that is at the center of the stem. The biblical concept of heart […]

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The Importance of Blood Classification

Due to the recent campaigns for blood donors, people have become interested in what type of blood they have—group A or B, Rh-(positive) or Rh-(negative). What does it mean to be of group A or B and why cannot one type of blood be mixed with another? In order to understand the significance of blood […]

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