By the whole of our conduct

Sometime one meets either personally or by letter young people who suddenly become very serious in their outlook upon life as a young Christian and feel that theirs is the calling to be “Witnesses for Christ.” And whereas we all have a streak of Arminianism in our flesh, and furthermore, the Arminian appeal that all […]

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The Word of God

“We confess…” It is a matter of faith with which we have to do. The faith that is of the living church, of the believer in Christ, of the Reformed Christian, who in the third article of his “Credo” testifies to that which he knows is the truth concerning the Holy Word of God! Faith […]

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Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct Among the youth. There is disorderly conduct among all members and classes of our society. There is public unashamed indecency and crime. But this time we are concerned about the conduct of youth. There is especially the problem of the youth in our L. A. area. It is discerned in public in many […]

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