A Nation and World in Turmoil

Headlines in early October were full of gloom and doom. Day after week after month expressed the same theme: we are living in a world of chaos and uncertainty. Besides the world’s focus on military conflicts, earthquakes and hurricanes, global debt, and rising inflation, there were also stories of uncertainty and turmoil within our nation. […]

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Nero read his music by the light of burning Rome and the city itself fell, not because its walls were low, but because its citizens were low.  The conservative element in the United States, made popular by Senator Barry Goldwater et al, is predicting a similar, if somewhat more sophisticated end to the United States.  […]

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Were You There?

If you weren’t you should have been, for on April 26, the Rev. H. Hoeksema presented an excellent lecture on the calling of a Christian to culture.  If the Protestant Reformed people can be divided into three groups—the older group, the young married group, and the young people—only one group warrants commendation while the other […]

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