The Office of Deacon

Rev. Hanko is missionary/pastor of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Northern Ireland. Reprinted from the mission newsletter circulated in the UK by Covenant PRC.   The office of deacon is one of the most neglected offices in the church of Jesus Christ. Many churches do not have deacons, or if they do, the deacons do […]

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The Offices In The Church

After He ascended into heaven our Lord instituted in the church various offices (Eph. 4:8-11). He instituted these offices that those who serve in them might represent Him, and serve His church in their offices. Though He remains the only Head and King of the church, these offices are necessary for the well-being of the […]

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Acts 6,7

Introduction: The material of these two chapters can hardly be separated, and therefore, in our question-outlines we will treat it as a unit. The choosing of the seven deacons leads up to the narrative of Stephen’s dispute with those of the synagogue of the Libertines. And the latter in turn leads up to the narrative […]

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