Remember Now Thy Creator in the Days of Thy Youth

Ecclesiastes 12:1   In countless childhoods all the same A voice rolls forth with power sublime. It calls to us in our springtime. Remember Him from Whom you came.   Through youth the vicious seeds are sown In name of light and playful mirth. They sprout up in a cold, hard earth. Remember you are […]

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An Awesome Call to Our Young People

There are things, Young People, which we forget, but also things which we just cannot forget.  There are things which we remember, and which, when we remember them, bring joy and gladness to our souls.  And there are things which bring grief and sadness to our souls, because we forgot them.  He forgot to check […]

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Ecclesiastes 12:1

(The following contribution was not written by the regular editor of this department. It was written by one of the members of the Oak Lawn Young People’s  Society and whereas your editor considers its content very thought provoking as well as stimulating unto better Christian Living, he is publishing it here for the benefit of […]

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