News from Young People’s Societies

Edgerton Young People’s Society   The Edgerton Young Peoples Society is a small society consisting of six members, led by Rev. Slopsema. We meet from week to week on Sunday afternoons to discuss God’s Word. Currently, we are studying the Book of Matthew. On the first Sunday of every month, the Young Peoples study, a […]

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A Reformation in Edgerton, Minnesota

In the spring of 1937, one of the brethren from Edgerton, Minnesota gave a talk to a League of Christian School Societies in Hull, Iowa. While talking with some of the people gathered there, he met Rev. L. Vermeer and after a talk with him about Church and School matters, he invited Rev. Vermeer to […]

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Voices from Iowa

Those who have never visited the Hawkeye state “where the tall corn grows” have many a misconception of it.  Not that Indians with tomahawks and bow and arrow are still imagined running rife in these parts, but the impression that many have is that the only thing to be seen in Iowa is “tall corn.”   […]

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