Exalt the Lord: The Idea

A Review of P.R.Y.P Convention Speech, by Beverly Hoekstra What does it mean? Imperatively, it means that we must do something, for we are not passive. We must acknowledge that the Lord is high. We must confess Him in life and in walk, for God alone is high. Therefore, we are nothing. We are not […]

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Exalt the Lord: Our Obligation

A Review of P.R.Y.P. Convention Speech The Rev. Emanuel began his sermon by pointing out that the words calling and obligation are synonymous and can be used interchangeably with respect to the topic. Thus, in discussing the subject, we could just as well speak of our calling as of our obligation. With this in mind, […]

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Exalt the Lord: The Possibility

A Review of P.R.Y.P. Convention Speech, by David Engelsma Rev. McCollam, in basing his speech on the convention theme, Exalt the Lord, called our attention to the Possibility of Exalting the Lord. He developed the theme from the point of view of exalting the Lord through persecution and suffering, through humility, and through divine sovereignty. […]

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