Freemasonry (2)

The last time we talked together about the Masonic Lodge, we were discussing its organizational aspects. At the conclusion of the previous article, I asked you to consider a definition of Freemasonry. It was a definition not of my making but given by one of its own adherents. I trust that you did contemplate the […]

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Freemasonry and/or the Church (1)

Freemasonry is better known as simply Masonry or more popularly still as the organization of the Masonic Lodge. A rather strange subject for the Beacon Lights, you are probably thinking to your­self. Maybe if I relate to you how my interest was developed your interest will be quickened also. Recently, while performing my pastoral duties, […]

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Freemasonry . . . A Hypocritical Organization

There are some 800 secret societies or lodges in our country. About half of our adult population, including mostly all of our prominent and influential people such as judges, lawyers, business men, industrialists, politicians, etc. belong to them. Even so-called ministers join these organizations. Men join these lodges for the sake of advancement in politics […]

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