Esther 6:1 to 10:3

LESSON XIX From Sackcloth to Royal Purple Esther 6 For a reason not stated in the text King Ahasuerus could not sleep the night of the day upon which Haman had come to the conclusion that there was but one thing for him to do, namely, to ask the king for permission to hang Mordecai […]

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Esther 4:4 – 5:14

LESSON XV. Esther Learns Of The Plot Esther 4:4-9 Mordecai’s plan succeeded, and Queen Esther was informed of his deep sorrow. Because of the bond of natural love be­tween her and Mordecai she is exceeding­ly grieved to learn that something so terrible has happened to him that he had put on sackcloth and ashes. It […]

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Esther 2:19 to 3:15, 4:13

LESSON X. Mordecai Protects The King’s Life (Esther 2:19-23) This passage speaks of a second gath­ering together of virgins. Now that Esther had been chosen to be queen, the need of assembling more virgins seems unnecessary to say the least. The reason for this second gathering is not stated. There are two possible reasons. The […]

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