What is Honest (2)

Philip sighed as he watched raindrops wiggle down the windowpane. What was there to do today? He glanced around and spied the bookshelf. Yes, it was a good day to read a book! He chose one, settled into a comfortable chair, and began to read… “The mood in the council chamber was dark and ominous. […]

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A Little Story

One day Ivan and his friend John were walking home from school, when Ivan suddenly stopped and pointed to the ground. “Hey, John, look at this!” he cried, and stopped to get a closer look. Ivan and John could not believe their eyes. There on the sidewalk was a twenty dollar bill!  Ivan picked it […]

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A Christian Businessman-Fiction or Fact?

“It’s impossible to be an honest business­man.” “Well, you just have to close your eyes to some things; that’s business.” Two common statements — the one a cate­gorical accusation, the other a half-hearted attempt to justify dishonest. Both stem from the assumption that one must be dis­honest to succeed in business. If the busi­ness world […]

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