The Menace of Islam

By the grace and direction of God, Paul established some of the first Christian churches in Asia Minor. Some of the letters that he wrote to these churches (at Ephesus, Collosse, and in Galatia) we have today as a part of our Holy Scriptures. This area, modern-day Turkey, which at one point in history was […]

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The Battle of Tours, 732 AD

There is no question that the many victories of the Islamic empire in the 7th and 8th centuries terrorized the lands in their path. In a short period of time Tierney says that, “The followers of a new prophet, Mohammed, snatched away from the Byzantine Empire all the ancient Christian lands of the eastern Mediterranean […]

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The Terror of Mohammedanism

It has been said by Christ, and afterwards by His apostles, that false prophets would arise and would deceive many, that is, that many would follow them. One of these great false prophets was Mohammed. He was indeed the great prophet of the lie. Mohammed was born about 569, in Mecca, Arabia. In early childhood […]

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