What Is Just (3)

“Philip, Philip, come quick!” Josh whispered back to me as I scrambled up the slope. “Hurry!” Looking through the trees on top of the hill, I saw why Josh was so excited. We had been hiking on the nature trail all morning and so far had seen only squirrels and sparrows. But now, below us […]

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Thoughts on the Doctrine of Election

Its Justice   The enemies of election contend that for God to sovereignly choose a people to Himself and to deny the rest of mankind the same blessing as the elect is to become so partial as to treat the latter with the greatest inequality.  They must realize, however, that the God of election is […]

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Worldly Justice

By the time the reader scans these lines, he will, no doubt, have been informed of the execution of the death penalties meted out by to Allied judicial commission at Nuernberg for the high officials of the Nazi regime of war-time Germany.  Whether or not real justice is to be found in the sentence imposed […]

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