Our Proper Christian Attire

Text: Colossians 3:12-13     Colossians sets before us a pointed reminder of the preeminence of Christ when it comes to all Christian doctrine and practice.  The Christian faith, unlike any other religion, does not focus on laws, not even divine precepts, and certainly not human ordinances.  It rejects all forms of legalism.  The Christian […]

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Friendliness and Generosity for God’s Sake

Friendliness, generosity and sympathy are all different ways to be kind and should affect us all in some aspect of our lives as children of God. Kindness was shown to my mother when she was seven years old and her mother was in the hospital with her newly born premature son.  A family friend took […]

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Kindness is Hard to Come By

One of the most common failings of all of us is the inability to apologize when we have done an unkind thing, or said an unkind word. Often, we are so choked up with shame for the thing we have done or said that the easiest opportunity to apol­ogize passes us by. As time goes […]

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