The Antidote against Youthful Lusts

Youthful lusts are a pernicious evil under the sun; they are such also in the church of Jesus Christ. That these lusts are not to be token in a limited sense of sexual impurities is evident, we saw the former time, from the very wording itself. However, that these lusts take in the entire scope […]

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Fleeing Youthful Lusts

“But flee youthful lusts” II Timothy 2:22a. Paul is writing to Timothy his dear and beloved son in the Lord. Timothy is a young minister. Paul has great concern for the life and conduct of his youthful servant in Christ, and of his deportment in the church of God. He must give leadership in the […]

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Another Look at War

“Love, Not War” is a modern motto reflecting a present day philosophy. It seems to offer an alternative to war, that alternative being “love.” Of course, it has never been that simple, as though man by his own free will could just as well push the “love” button as that other button men are afraid […]

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