The time spent in catechism is for instruction concerning the Reformed faith. All those years studying the faith help catechumens see how to apply instruction toward a holier walk. Doctrine and life always go hand in hand. But what if someone questions your faith and asks, “How can you believe in the doctrines of total […]

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Godliness or Narrowmindedness

Dear Editor: Will you please give me a little space in regard to an article written in the July-August edition under the title, “Godliness or Narrowmindedness” by James Veldman. Now if the meaning of narrowmindedness is understood to be “Intolerance or prejudice,” it is never justified but it is sometimes confused with strictness or steadfastness […]

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Godliness or Narrowmindedness?

Have you ever been called a “stubborn Hollander”? Most of us have, I suppose. We have also been accused of intolerance, inconsistency and narrow mindedness. Now reason indicates that much of the criticism vented against the Reformed people emanates from hatred toward our traditionally strong religious beliefs. Nevertheless, an element of truth remains in the […]

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