Faith’s Prerequisite

By night Nicodemus came to see Jesus. It was not night simply in the natural sense of the word. Plainly Nicodemus was in the dark about certain truths. What Nicodemus was concerned about, we are not told. We may be sure however that he was seeking light about something that troubled him greatly. But Jesus […]

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John 3:9 – 4:16

LESSON X. (John 3:9-16) How can these things be, vss. 9:13. In vs. 4 Nicodemus asked a similar question, how an old man can be born again. Here he admits the possibility but questions the manner of this spiritual renewal. That the Spirit gives rebirth is not enough for him, he must also know how […]

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John 2:1 – 3:8

LESSON VI. The Miracle At Cana (John 2:1-11) The First Attestation of Jesus. John the Baptist had testified of Jesus in various ways. The result was that John retreated into the background and Jesus became more prominent. John’s disciples also followed Jesus. Thus far we read of six of them. Also to them Jesus attests […]

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