Opinionating in Love (3)

By faith we have seen that what is basic to loving ourselves is knowing ourselves.  And part of the basics to knowing ourselves is knowing the difference between what we know for certain and what we do not.  I say by faith and in certain conviction that God is Creator and I am a creature.  […]

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Opinionating in Love (2)

  Before you or I can love someone in giving our opinions to him or her, we must know what the Bible means by the commandment: thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.  This love for the neighbor flows, of course, from our love for God which love for God has, of course, as its […]

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Opinionating in Love (1)

The greatest opinion we can make is made in the company of another.  And that companion is LOVE.  My conviction in these next articles, therefore, is that I Corinthians 13 applies to our opinion-making.  Faith, hope, and the greatest of these, charity, that is, love, abide.  So these all including love must abide in all […]

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