The Vine

The other day I planted some melon in the garden. The plant was small. I took the word of the local greenhouse that it was melon, and looked forward to the time, not many days hence, when I could lay a big slice on my over­sized plate, and heap a goodly scoop of rich ice […]

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Tuning in On Nature

You can hear the patter of rain on leaves and the hiss of wind across a field of dry grass; but that is not listening to the plants of this green world as they grow. Behind the poetry of the landscape is a chorus of dramatic events. Bright colors, fragrance, marvelous design, are but outward […]

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The Underground Movement

Marvels of Spring will never cease to awe and thrill mankind. The seeming “death” of plant and animal life is but a mere dormancy, for the potential being remains and that “breath of life” will never completely cease until time itself will end. The warmth of the sunshine, the re­freshment of the rain, the balm […]

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