Overview of the Minor Prophets: Hosea

The book of Hosea is a true story about two faithful husbands (Hosea and God) and two unfaithful wives (Hosea’s wife, Gomer, and the nation of Israel). Chapter 1 records God’s command to Hosea to marry a whore—a woman who let many men use her body sinfully, sexually, and for their pleasure. Hosea did so, […]

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Can Wicked Men Really Do Miracles and Prophesy?

Question We read in Numbers about Balaam prophesying and in I Samuel about Saul prophesying also. In Matthew 7:22, apparently the non-elect are claiming they performed miracles and prophesying during their lives. It seems that Judas also performed miracles along with the other Apostles. On the other hand, I Corinthians seems to be telling us […]

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Tongues and Prophesies

The following is a question from a reader of Rev. Moore’s Web page and Rev. Moore’s answer.   Question: “As you know, Pentecostal believers have stories to tell that sound amazing (and somewhat convincing) concerning these issues. For instance, how would you respond to a Pentecostal who says that he heard a message in tongues […]

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