Rome’s Demise

The city of Rome was a great city, but like all great cities on this earth, it too fell from promi­nence. In its day, Rome was a thriving metropolis of wealth, politics and culture. The city was attacked in the year 410 AD, however it had been on the decline for many years. There are […]

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The Third Cross

The Third Cross Avin Harry Johnston – Zondervan Publishing Co. – 346 pp. – $3.50 The Third Cross, written by A. H. Johnston, is a sincere attempt to write a Christian novel. The depth of thought, the type of romance, and the perpetuance of action make this novel especially appealing to those of Junior High […]

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Bold Galilean

Bold Galilean by Legette Blythe published by University of N. Carolina Press Bold Galilean is a novel of three Roman citizens in Palestine during the second and third years of Christ’s ministry: Centurion Gaius, Tribune Lucius, and Marcus, merchant son of a wealthy sena­tor. These three men meet but three times in the course of […]

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