The Russian Orthodox Churches

The Russian Orthodox Church is the property of the government, financed by the import of cigarettes and spirits at an extremely large scale. These taxed products are at the same time a nice source of income for the Department of Finance in Moscow. No objections, no questions, no problems. The priests of the Russian Orthodox […]

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Churches in Russia

Nowadays the Christians in the Commonwealth of Russian states are allowed to gather in the official Russian Orthodox Churches, who strive towards a monopoly. The priests are grumpy about the activities of Protestants from abroad, evangelizing in their area. They have said openly that they would like to get them all out of the country. […]

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The Russian Orthodox Church

I.  As to Doctrine That the most important branch of the Eastern church is the Russian Orthodox Church is today easily seen.  This church came into being in the tenth century when Christendom was introduced to the Russian barbarians by way of an ikon and the rite of immersion.  Denominational headquarters became centered in Constantinople […]

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