PRYP Scholarship Committee Newsletter

How can I become a Christian school teacher?  A Christian teacher is full of knowledge he is bursting to communicate with simple words, relatable illustrations, and practical implications. She is the paragon of nurturing stability and personal godliness. He is a mentor as well as instructor. She is a guide, an example, a molder and […]

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Dead Orthodoxy

The Christian church has been fighting for nearly two thousand years: battling heresy, writing canons, forming creeds. What more could the devil throw at us? It may not seem like it here in the United States of America, but we are under a severe attack, an attack crafted ever so slyly by our adversary the […]

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Rules of Christian Conduct for Young Scholars

These are Bullinger’s Rules of Conduct for his son who was going away to Vienna to continue his theological studies. Let us who are attending college or High School attempt to make these rules our own, especially if we leave the protecting care and guidance of our parents. 1. Fear God at all times and […]

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