Spiritual accountability

In last month’s issue of Beacon Lights, I noted a recent sermon on Ephesians 5 that described three different characteristics of faithful church members. Such people are sober, they sing the truths of God’s word to one another, and they submit to one another (vv. 18–21). Last month the value of singing was discussed at […]

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Embracing Our Weakness

Perhaps revealing our weakness is the only thing that many of us dislike more than being weak. We often are reluctant to share (or avoid sharing) our struggles with others, usually because we believe that it will make us appear stupid and incompetent. This natural inclination of ours is made worse by some among us […]

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The Strength of Youth

I was inspired tonight and I believe that I can legitimately say that the nearly 100 young people who gathered in the downstairs of the First Protestant Reformed Church for the Annual Spring Banquet were also inspired and went home satisfied.  We enjoyed a delicious banquet dinner served and prepared by the catering committee of […]

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