A Season-y Pistle to My Grandchildren

Dear Children: Here it is already summer! How the seasons do fly. Of course old people notice this more; at least your old (I can remember when the church lot had not an auto in it, only buggies with horses in the stable) gramps can remember so many past seasons that they really do seem […]

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Summer . . .a spiritual vacation?

The last school bell has finally rung and smiling faces burst from classrooms in anticipation of a new and exciting summer. The last prayer has been offered in another Young People’s Society season and everyone eagerly leaves the basements of the various churches. And best of all, that last question for catechism has been asked […]

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Summer – 1951

I see the sky-blue, white-capped seas, And blossom-Iadened spreading trees, The fragrant flowers, the sky so clear— And know that summer time is here! Hello, friends! Doesn’t it seem won­derful with a whole summer ahead of us once more? To many of us, it means a vacation from school and dreary lessons; to others it […]

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