A Rise in Swearing?

One of the most important distinguishing characteristics of any person is his name. Most people would prefer that their names be used in a good context. No one likes to hear others use his name in any kind of a bad light. If you feel good about yourself you also expect others to feel the […]

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Schuyler Writes

“Many young men now days are being drafted into the armed forces. The plans of marriage were being arranged for the near future. In your opinion, should it be carried through, or should they wait until after he is discharged, and why? A Reader”   That is indeed a very vital and important question which […]

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Cursing and It’s Antidote

The observation is often made that cursing or using the sacred names of God in vain is a growing evil. An evil that is growing, that is becoming more prevalent. By this is meant that more people are becoming habitual swearers, and that the evil is becoming more public, more taken for granted. For the […]

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