Tulip (3)

Krystal apologized for breaking the vase and making a mess. She helped her mother clean it up. “Well, I know you didn’t break it on purpose,” Mother comforted Krystal. “And there is one more consolation. At least the tulips weren’t in our good heirloom vase. The vase that broke can easily be replaced.” They went […]

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Unconditional Election

This elect number, though by nature neither better nor more deserving than others, but with them involved in one common misery, God had decreed to give to Christ, to be saved by him, and effectually to call and draw them to his communion by his Word and Spirit, to bestow upon them true faith, justification […]

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Unconditional Predestination

This article is the first of a series of 5 on the 5 points of Calvinism. Having been asked to write an article for Beacon Lights on each letter of TULIP, or the Five Points of Calvinism, I gladly comply. My first article will deal with the subject of Unconditional Election or Predestination, the second […]

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