War Marriages

War creates its own problems, particularly for young people whose lives are so directly affected by it. By far not the least weighty of these problems for many of our young people is the question of a war marriage.  Shall they marry now, before the young man leaves for active service in the armed forces, […]

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Beacon Lights is 75 Years Old!

This issue marks the 75th anniversary of the magazine, which began publication in January of 1941. We intend to celebrate this anniversary throughout 2016. The staff has been researching the archives for some time, and will continue to search for more interesting material in the coming year. We plan to continue our usual rubrics, but […]

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The Forties

In keeping with the theme of our Church’s 50th Anniversary year, I want you to share with me some personal reflections, convictions, and experiences concerning God’s Covenant Faithfulness. My assignment is primarily the World War II years, although some information may be just prior to or/and after. That there is a close relationship how these […]

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