One Holy Catholic Church

“I believe an holy catholic church.”  Every week believers in Christian churches around the world make this confession by reciting the Apostle’s Creed. Even if they don’t recite or hear it as part of their regular worship services, all true Christians believe this statement because the Apostle’s Creed is one of the ecumenical creeds of […]

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The Heidelberg Reformers – Too Young?

The work of God in history is always an amazing and awe-inspiring thing. But there are certain times in the history of the church that truly make the believer’s jaw hit the floor in astonishment at the wonderwork of God. “God did what?” “He did this when?” “He used that man? Of all people, that […]

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A Turn of Events: From Chaos to Comfort (6)

The year was 1562. The land was in chaos over lack of direction concerning the Lord’s Supper as well as some other points of doctrine. The light of the Reformation had dawned nearly fifty years earlier when Luther nailed his theses to the door in Wittenberg, but that light had scattered in many different directions […]

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