A Humble Sinner’s Confession

My sin and evil is great,

And fills my mind with cruel hate.

This corruption leads to strife,

Bringing troubles to my life.


I must look on high for strength,

To God who shows mercy at length.

He who is faithful shall save

From sin’s hold which does enslave.


He takes away sin’s power,

Purging me with trials of fire.

All the work is God’s alone,

Worked through Christ who did atone.


Although often I do stray

And seek to head down the wrong way,

Yet the Lord does forgive me,

That his great works I might see.


He saves me for a purpose,

Delivering me from my dross.

I’m filled with joy to the brim

And thankfulness to him.


The mercies he does bestow

Greatly humble and bring me low,

Then lift me to sing his praise,

And to him all glory raise.