A Savior In the Time of Need

There in the darkness did I lay,
In the pit of mire and clay.
The darkness was so cold and deep,
And to my soul then did it creep.
The presence of one else was near,
It chilled my bones with sick’ning fear.
It’s cruel voice did drown my soul.
He came to me, I looked about,
There in the darkness did I shout.
I shook the deep with shrilling cries,
Then to the heav’ns I turned my eyes.
There was a light approaching me,
He scooped me up on bended knee.
He brought me up with wings of doves,
And in His hands was warmth and love.
Upon a rock He set my feet,
He strengthened bones, which were so weak.
Then down the pit then did He go,
He took my place far below.
I heard the pounding of the nails,
I split the silence with my wails.
It seemed that all my hope was lost,
He laid down his life for my cost.
Then in the pit I saw in sight,
It was the very same bright light.
It brought me up to heav’n above,
Show forth did He His gracious love.
And there will I forever stand,
And sit there at my Lord’s right hand.
A Savior to me then was He,
A Savior in the time of need.